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FirstWord belongs to a business group that forms one of the world's largest healthcare knowledge networks. Drawing from these knowledge assets, FirstWord reports deliver insight, analysis and the latest thinking on important trends and the most challenging issues affecting the pharmaceutical industry today. Highly-focused, relevant, up-to-date, actionable intelligence -- reports that deliver vital intelligence to give a competitive edge.

Oncology Market Access Europe — Payer and Industry Perspectives

Published July 2014

Based on interviews and surveys with experts from the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain, FirstWord's Oncology Market Access Europe — Payer and Industry Perspectives lays out the current — and growing — challenges facing companies in getting drugs to the European market. Filled with compelling insight into the most pressing issues ranging from changing payer data requirements and financial austerity to the adoption of formalized HTA, the report offers critical strategies, knowledge and a roadmap to the future. Read More

The Future of Cancer Immunotherapy: KOL Views Bring Opportunities into Sharp Focus

Published June 2014

There has been considerable media hype in cancer immunotherapy in recent years. Indeed, there is talk of late stage cancers such as melanoma and NSCLC being managed to chronic conditions. But what is the true state of cancer immunotherapy research and can we be sure that early research results will be replicated in larger patient populations? Importantly, how do clinicians think research will play out in the clinical setting? Combining the real-world insights of leading cancer experts with the latest ground-breaking results from the 2014 ASCO conference, FirstView'sThe Future of Cancer Immunotherapy: KOL Views Bring Opportunities into Sharp Focus, strips away the hype surrounding cancer immunotherapeutics to present an informed and balanced assessment of the sector and its prospects. Read More

Pharma-Patient Engagement: insights from patient opinion leaders

Published June 2014

Patient groups want more from Pharma. More drug information, input, feedback and support. Yet the regulatory environment often stymies disclosure: when does information become advertising? How can industry engage positively with this powerful market force? Pharma-Patient Engagement: Insights from Patient Opinion Leaders fully analyses current drivers and reveals the demands of this influential lobby group and examines ways in which industry can harness their power Read More

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia: KOL Insight

Published May 2014

A groundswell of innovation—that's the future for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. From targeted therapies to personalised treatment, CLL therapy is undergoing significant change. What do KOLs believe are the most promising advances... and the greatest hurdles? Read More

Diabetes -- KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook Modules

Last Updated May 2014

The fundamental drivers of the global diabetes market are strong and continue to fuel growth. Rising levels of obesity and disease prevalence in both established and emerging markets have seen the sector return a 5 year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 12% to reach US$31.9 billion in 2012. It is estimated that 347 million people have the disease—90% of whom are Type II diabetes sufferers—and this figure could almost double by 2030. Therapy Trends: Diabetes provides a comprehensive view into how the diabetes market will develop and the prospects for the companies, research, and products involved. Delivered in two modules—KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook—this extensive report provides in-depth market analysis, product-level sales forecasts, and informed views from the sector's foremost experts on how the market for drugs to treat diabetes will evolve over the next five years. Read More

The Future of Biosimilars: Mapping Critical Uncertainties and the Impact of Future Events

Published May 2014

The Future of Biosimilars: Mapping Critical Uncertainties and the Impact of Future Events lays out the current state of play with biosimilars and identifies some key inflection points for the future. Widely researched and based on interviews with leading biosimilar experts, the report offers the quickest and most up-to-date access to recent and future events in the biosimilars market, including battles being waged over policy and commercialization, and how uncertainties could affect market evolution. Read More

Biosimilar Index: Tracking the Biosimilar Development Landscape

Published March 2014

The biosimilars market is on the cusp of delivering real value as high-value brands lose patent protection. To fully understand the commercial significance you need Biosimilar Index. Biosimilar Index combines detailed data on all known biosimilar development projects and originator reference produce plus insightful analysis that puts the trends and developments in the market context. Read More

Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Game changing immunotherapies to revolutionise treatment - KOL Insight

Published March 2014

Non-small Cell Lung Cancer -- KOL Insight answers critical business questions about therapies that will shape the NSCLC drug landscape over the next five years. Incisive questions put to the world's preeminent NSCLC KOLs in a series of in-depth interviews has uncovered a level of market insight simply not available elsewhere. Read More

The Reality of Market Access in Europe: the role of Health Technology Assessment

Published March 2014

In The Reality of Market Access in Europe: the role of Health Technology Assessment, FirstWord skilfully addresses the issues surrounding HTA, both for its potential to rationalise treatment on economic grounds and as a means to assess the cost effectiveness of new products. Focused on the agencies, procedures and approaches of HTA in the six largest EU markets, the report provides a coherent and current overview of pricing and reimbursement, controversies over issues like rule-making and individual product cases and what the future of HTA will look like. Read More

Value-driven Pharma: Integrating Health Outcomes Across the Product Lifecycle

Published February 2014

In a rare and comprehensive insight into thriving in the "Outcomes Era," Value-driven Pharma: Integrating Health Outcomes Across the Product Lifecycle tackles the issues that have not been publicly addressed in full. The report first looks at the current relationship between pharma and stakeholders, against a backdrop of economic recession. It also examines the disconnect between pharma's avowal to build value-driven products whilst failing to instil health outcome values at the critical early development stages. Filled with invaluable information from key industry insiders, the dossier is essential reading for R&D or medical directors, CEOs, heads of managed markets and anyone else interested in steering towards success in a tumultuous economic age. Read More

Stakeholder Perspectives: Innovation within the Biopharma Industry

Published February 2014

What is does innovation mean in the biopharma industry? Biopharma R&D output is at odds with R&D investment. Between 1950 and 2010, the number of new molecules (including both biologics and small molecules) brought to market by the biopharma industry, per billion dollars of R&D expenditure, fell by a factor of 100 in inflation adjusted terms. Innovation, it seems, is getting increasingly expensive while the prospect of blockbuster income to pay for it is getting rarer. Something has to change, but what? Stakeholder Perspectives: Innovation within the Biopharma Industry provides everyone interested in the dynamics of biopharma innovation with a robust understanding of the issues, opinions and insights that are influencing the current environment, and the events that could lead to a change in the future. Read More

HIV -- KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook Modules

Latest Update February 2014

The market for HIV therapies has been growing fast—a 5 year CAGR of 12.0%—but sustaining growth will be a challenge. The HIV sector is mature, so what will drive growth in the future? Current therapies are effective in suppressing HIV and are successfully increasing patients' life expectancy. However, they are not curative and must be taken for the lifetime of the patient. With current therapies offering a range of established treatment options, will single tablet combinations and new products prove to be game changers? Therapy trends: HIV delivers comprehensive analysis on current and future products, product positioning, future treatment algorithms, opinion from the foremost clinical experts, and product-level sales and market share forecasts. The reports will be updated in response to market events, so you'll always be up to speed with the latest developments. Read More

Breast Cancer: New targeted therapies transform treatment - KOL Insight

Published February 2014

The breast cancer market is set for dynamic change and expansion. The next generation of products for HER2-positive disease - Roche's Kadcyla and Perjeta - will build on the base laid by Herceptin, while CDK4/6 and P13K inhibitors hold the prospect of new treatments for hormone receptor-positive and HER2-negative breast cancer patients. This is much more than a marginal shift in the market. Kadcyla and Perjeta are viewed as significant advances with both delivering improved survival rates with low toxicity. Equally important is the race between Pfizer and Novartis to be the first to launch a CDK4/6 inhibitor for the treatment of hormone receptor-positive and HER2-negative breast cancer - the largest segment of the market with significant unmet clinical need. Therapy trends: Breast Cancer provides product analysis and insightful clinical opinion insight into pipeline potential. The report will be updated in response to market developments, so you'll always be up to speed with the latest developments. Read More

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) - KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook

Latest Update February 2014

In September 2013, Novartis' Ultibro was the first once daily fixed-dose LABA/LAMA to gain EU approval. This event heralds an era of new and combination products offering wider clinical options and changing the competitive landscape of this US$ 10 billion market. Is this radical change? Maybe, but Boehringer Ingelheim/Pfizer'sSpiriva and GSK's Advair/Serotide are entrenched and new entrants must improve patient outcomes and reduce exacerbations of the disease if they are to take market share. Therapy trends: COPD provides product analysis, insightful clinical opinion, pipeline potential and product level sales forecasts. The report will be updated in response to market developments, so you'll always be up to speed with the latest developments. Read More

Effective Pharma KAM Teams - the essential factors driving performance

Published January 2014

Key Account Management (KAM) has been around for over 10 years, yet many companies have failed to establish full and effective KAM models. The heart of a good KAM practice is presenting to prescribers and influencers what the clinical and economic value is of choosing your product and this requires a unique set of flexible and entrepreneurial skills. What are the key ingredients of KAM team? What talents should you look for? How can you effectively change corporate culture to fully exploit all that KAM has to offer? This report has the answers. Read More

Designing Clinical Trials to Show Value

Published January 2014

FirstWord's Designing Clinical Trials to Show Value report skilfully delves into the pressures of increased value expectations faced by the pharmaceutical industry's product development programmes. Based on wide-ranging research and expert interviews, the report offers the industry critical and timely insight into how to address these new priorities in practical, strategic ways. For those working in R&D, marketing, market access, health outcomes and pharma management, it is quite simply a must-read. Read More

Multiple Sclerosis -- KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook Modules

Latest Updatre Decemeber 2013

The multiple sclerosis treatment landscape has undergone dramatic changes over the past year. Biogen's Tecfidera has revolutionised multiple sclerosis treatment in the U.S., eroding significant market share from older therapies. Sanofi has recently secured European approval for Lemtrada creating a new treatment option for neurologists within the region. With the global multiple sclerosis market is set to grow from $14.4 billion in 2012 to $18.3 billion in 2017, how will EU's approval of Lemtrada affect market growth and the MS treatment algorithm? Delivered in two modules -- KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook -- this extensive report provides in-depth market analysis, product-level sales forecasts, and informed views from the sector's foremost experts on how the market for drugs treating multiple sclerosis will evolve over the next five years. Read More

Market Access for Orphan Drugs: assessing the global landscape

Published Decemeber 2013

FirstWord goes around the world to lay bare the market access issues affecting orphan drug developers in the US, Asia and Europe. Based on thorough research and European national drug policies translated specifically for FirstWord, the report reviews the challenges, provides insight into strategies being used and includes invaluable comparative tables. Filled with information on trends, patient access schemes and the role of patient organisations, the report is a must-read for the orphan drug developer. Read More

Therapy Trends: Hepatitis C - the race for the first interferon-free regimen

Latest Update Decemebr 2013

The hepatitis C (HCV) market is expected to become one of the fastest growing markets in Pharma over the next decade given a sizable 170 million patient population, a significant unmet need and rapid advancements in the clinic. The management of this infectious disease is on the verge of a revolution that will bring considerable changes to the treatment algorithm. The field's KOLs from North America and Europe provide answers to the critical questions to help you comprehend the current trends driving and shaping the global HCV market. Read More

Pharma and the Changing US Payer Environment: Meeting the demands of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Published November 2013

In Pharma and the Changing US Payer Environment: Meeting the demands of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), FirstWord explores the rapidly changing landscape of the accountable care movement and how it is poised to impact pharma. The report examines the types of ACOs, the critical pathway to their success and why it's so important for pharma to switch marketing and development practices to meet their needs. As an overview of a movement that changes minute-to-minute, the report is an urgently needed snapshot of an industry in transition. Read More

Commercialisation of Biosimilars: strategies for market penetration

Published November 2013

In Commercialisation of Biosimilars: strategies for market penetration, FirstWord deftly examines the European experience and what it means for other developed markets. Based on expert opinions from the top commentators in the field, the report offers insight into how European biosimilar markets have evolved. It also includes up to the minute US case studies, insight into specific approaches to biosimilars intended for multiple diseases and which strategies have proven most effective—and why. Read More

Colorectal Cancer -- KOL Insight Module

Published October 2013

Clinical studies with patients expressing the RAS wild-type phenotype form of colorectal cancer (CRC) suggest BMS/ Merck KGaA's Erbitux and Amgen's Vectibix may have benefits over Roche/Genentech's market leader Avastin. And the late stage treatment market is heating up. Bayer's Stivarga is the option for refractory metastatic CRC, but many patients suffer unpleasant side effects. Awaiting market entry are Taiho Pharmaceuticals' nucleoside analogue TAS-102 and Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma's stem cell inhibitor BBI 608 which early clinical data suggests provide better overall survival and tolerability. Therapy trends: Colorectal Cancer provides product analysis, insightful clinical opinion and pipeline potential. The report will be updated in response to market developments, so you'll always be up to speed with the latest developments. Read More

Strategies for Working with Real World Data

Published October 2013

FirstWord explores the rise of RWD in Strategies for Working with Real World Data. Based on expert interviews and wide-ranging research, the report offers pharma critical insight into how the use of RWD worldwide is changing healthcare into 'reality medicine.' Through case studies based on industry and academic collaboration, it also illustrates how pharma-payer partnerships may be a strategy for future success. Read More

Market Access in the EU5 - a comparative overview

Published August 2013

Gaining EU marketing authorisation for a new drug is no longer a guarantee of commercial success. Companies must respond to national market conditions and products must prove both clinical efficacy and economic benefits. For a comprehensive understanding of the EU market access issues look no further than this report, which covers France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. Read More

Pharma and Gamification: motivating positive outcomes - a primer

Published August 2013

Gamification is growing rapidly across many business sectors, yet Pharma has been slow to include it in its marketing and sales mix. Gamification is not about creating games. It is about effectively taking people in directions you want them to go by engaging them and offering them rewards that signify achievements that are sufficiently meaningful for people to want to compete for them. At its heart gamification is about stakeholder engagement, influencing clinician and patient behaviour and improving outcomes - key goals for Pharma. This FirstWord report provides all you need to know on the current status and thinking on gamification and its application by Pharma companies. Read More

The Impact of Mobile Health on Patient-Centric Disease Management

Published August 2013

Through The Impact of Mobile Health on Patient-Centric Disease Management, FirstWord explores the emerging and exciting world of mobile and digital health apps. Based on expert interviews, reviews of clinical and commercial opportunities and case studies, the report offers insight into app development, integration, and how the industry can capture the market now and in the future. Read More

Innovations in Multichannel Marketing

Published July 2013

With a shrinking sales force, more tightly regulated physician touchpoints, and changes in the ways that customers consume content, Pharma is buzzing about the potential of multichannel marketing. However, few companies yet have fully integrated programmes. How can you put your programmes together to effectively reach your target audience through the right channels at the right time? This exciting report shares ways to make your MCM more integrated, innovative, and measurable - from the experiences of global MCM experts. Read More

Charting the Biosimilar and Biobetter Development Pipeline (2013)

Published July 2013

If you need to identify biosimilar drug developments worldwide then this report is essential for you. The potential of biosimilars grows ever greater as high-value biologic brands start losing patent protection over the coming years, and this has led to an unprecedented level of development of biosimilars worldwide. Having comprehensive and current information of 868 products are being developed by over 300 companies is critical and this report combines is a rich biosimilar/biobetter product data in MS Excel and extensive analysis report of 100+ charts, graphs, tables and maps. Read More

Patient-Centricity: Solving the latest pharma puzzle

Published July 2013

In Patient-Centricity: Solving the latest pharma puzzle, FirstWord gathers the collected wisdom and shared intelligence of industry experts currently pursuing patient-centric programmes and departments. Over six parts, the report explores the myriad unknowns of patient empowerment and provides a critical overview that aims to establish a broad consensus, best practices and insight into how to integrate patient-centricity into the pharma business model. Read More

Inside China's Pharma Sales Force - insights from the frontline

Published July 2013

China's pharmaceutical industry is the world's third largest, with a sales force of more than 85,000. However, even that huge sales force cannot reach all of the vast nation's 2 million doctors. What are the best ways to structure sales teams and to detail physicians in this rapidly growing market? FirstWord has interviewed senior pharma sales managers from multinational and domestic companies in China to find out what operations and tactics are the most effective, and how the industry is expected to change. You'll also find out which pharma companies are investing in China, how to identify a KOL in China, how China's cities are categorised, and much more. This valuable report is available to download now. Read More

Biosimilar Defensive Plays -- assessing the options

Published June 2013

Pharmaceutical companies are well versed in generic defence strategies. But many companies with biotherapeutics are not prepared for the anticipated increase in competition from biosimilars. This comprehensive report is packed with the latest information on biosimilar development, including insights into key companies, the in's and out's of patent law in major markets, exclusivity tactics, and new commercial opportunities. Detailed analysis of defensive strategies, supported by exclusive case studies and expert opinions, gives you the information you need to build an effective biosimilar defence strategy for your brands. Secure your leadership position in the marketplace; download Biosimilar Defensive Plays -- assessing the options today! Read More

Value-based Key Account Management and the NHS - Ensuring optimal performance under new rules

Published June 2013

CCG commissioners want pharma's money and expertise but on their terms - how do you develop effective Joint Working partnerships which meet everyone's objectives? This new report, Value-based Key Account Management and the NHS - Ensuring optimal performance under new rules, provides everyone involved with the fast-changing NHS England with a deep understanding of the issues which are shaping the operating environment and how they are affecting its commercial and clinical development. The report illuminates this dynamic environment with insight and case studies from leading companies, consultants and those charged with implementing the changes in CCGs and NHS Trusts. Read More

Effective sales and marketing strategies for drugs with companion diagnostics

Published May 2013

Companion Diagnostics are shaping the prescribing landscape for many important biological drugs. How do you effectively promote joint drug and diagnostic packages for maximum return and which stakeholder groups must you now engage with? To assess current good practice, learn from industry experts and understand the differing regulatory and operating environments in the US and Europe, read this comprehensive new report Effective sales and marketing strategies for drugs with companion diagnostics. Packed with facts and case studies, the report provides a timely analysis of this rapidly developing area. Read More

Ensuring Optimal Medical Affairs Performance: delivering measurable value

Published May 2013

Medical Affairs is rapidly becoming the new voice of Pharma. As its increasing authority drives allocation of ever bigger budgets, many Pharma leaders are wondering how to measure the impact of that spending, and how they can position Medical Affairs to bring even more value into the company. A new report – Ensuring Optimal Medical Affairs Performance: delivering measurable value – addresses this challenging issue. Through expert opinions, case studies, and in-depth analysis, you will gain a thorough understanding of this rapidly evolving function, and receive practical guidance on the best ways to assess activities and derive even greater strategic value from Medical Affairs. Read More

MSL-KOL Engagement: delivering value under new rules

Published May 2013

Cast against tougher regulations being implemented worldwide such as Sunshine Act in the US and others in the EU, MSL-KOL Engagement: delivering value under new rules not only addresses the heightened need for measurable, demonstrable MSL compliance, but examines how companies can better grasp the legislative landscape and develop on-going strategies to support long term MSL-KOL interactions. In an era of increased scrutiny, penalties and skepticism, MSL-KOL Engagement: delivering value under new rules is an invaluable and timely roadmap for any company. Read More

Multiple Sclerosis: KOL Insight - The oral era begins

Published April 2013

The past year has seen landmark changes in multiple sclerosis, with the launch of two new novel oral products--Biogen Idec's Tecfidera and Sanofi's Aubagio--joining the first oral MS therapy, Novartis's Gilenya. The arrival of these drugs is expected to revolutionise multiple sclerosis treatment, and be a catalyst for unprecedented market growth, which according to Therapy Trends' latest consensus estimates, will spur the market to a value of $16.6 billion by 2017.

Learn what the world's foremost MS KOLs make of Tecfidera's approval--how it will impact future treatment of MS, what effect it will have on the outlook for competing therapies, and why they see it becoming the gold standard in MS treatment. Read More

Branded Generics: Strategies and Tactics for Winning in Latin America

Published April 2013

Overall, the Latin American market is valued at $66 billion. What are the specific drivers and demographics governing its forecast 10-13 percent annual growth? Where do branded generics currently sit? What are the six most important factors for ensuring a strong presence, now and in the future? Through expert interviews, case studies and penetrating research, Branded Generics: Strategies and Tactics for Winning in Latin America offers the insight, information and answers you need. Read More

Consensus Outlook: Prostate Cancer: Competition intensifies in race to the top

Published April 2013

The global prostate cancer market is forecast to grow to $7.3 billion in 2017 with a compound annual growth rate of 16%. The launches of Johnson & Johnson's Zytiga and Medivation/Astellas's Xtandi have reinvigorated the post-chemo treatment segment, while launch of the first cancer vaccine Provenge and Zytiga's expanded approval had finally given new options in the pre-chemo setting. Consensus Outlook: Prostate Cancer evaluates the global prostate cancer market - its key players and their products - to assess the future competitive landscape of this lucrative indication. Read More

Digital Doctors: Marketing to Online Networks (2nd Edition)

Published March 2013

As physician communities become increasingly important marketing channels, it is essential for brand managers and marketers to have access to the most up-to-date intelligence on this rapidly evolving and expanding landscape. If you want to engage physicians on their 'home turf', you can't afford to miss the new report from FirstWord: Digital Doctors: Marketing to Online Networks (2nd Edition). Through expert interviews and case studies, learn how major pharma companies are engaging with key stakeholders in online communities, understand how the recent trend towards global consolidation of networks will affect your communications strategy, and acquire new techniques for measuring the impact of your digital marketing programmes. Read More

KOL Insight: Prostate Cancer: Competition intensifies in race to the top

Published March 2013

With the Prostate Cancer market forecast to double in size to $7.3 billion by 2017, understanding what impact recent drugs launches will have on late stage development strategies and the challenges industry faces in getting new products widely adopted is key to winning share of this important market. Learn what the field's foremost KOLs make of the current and future Prostate Cancer treatment landscape in FirstWord's in-depth analysis: Therapy Trends KOL Insight: Prostate Cancer -- competition intensifies in race to the top. Understand the impact new products will have on existing therapies and on the future commercial outlook for the diagnosis and treatment of Prostate Cancer. Read More

The Top 10 Pharma Companies in 2017

Published March 2013

The year of 2012 saw 39 new drugs gain regulatory approval from the US FDA, the highest number for 16 years. With numerous promising pipeline drugs, it would appear that the pharmaceutical industry is on the verge of entering a new period of growth. Who will make up the top pharma companies in 2017? Which products will drive their success? The Top Pharma Companies in 2017 provides the answers with access to intelligent product-level sales forecasts and key insights on the industry's biggest future players. Read More

Biosimilars in Emerging Markets

Published March 2013

The high-value markets of the US and Europe presents a range of regulatory and manufacturing challenges for biosimilar developers and few observers believe that a viable market will develop rapidly. As a result, innovative biosimilar companies are looking to emerging markets for launch due to their high unmet clinical needs expanding populations, increasing health spend, and growing middle classes. Biosimilars in Emerging Markets is an extensive 2-volume report which provides a comprehensive and critical evaluation of the biosimilars sector in key emerging regions/countries and includes highly-detailed expert analysis of the issues that are affecting developments on the ground. Read More

Pharma and the mHealth Revolution - engaging with mobile-enabled physicians and HCPs

Published February 2013

Although there are currently more than 20,000 mHealth apps on the market aimed at medical professionals, few have been developed and launched by the pharma industry itself. Yet while there are regulatory, legal and end-user perception issues at play, this report from FirstWord Dossier offers a compelling argument for overcoming them. Packed with expert views, case studies and examples of how major pharma companies are entering the world of mHealth, the report identifies the key questions asked by the industry and finds the answers. Read More

The Path to Product Inclusion in Clinical Guidelines: Strategies for Success

Published January 2013

Clinical guidelines are taking hold in the practice of medicine. They influence prescribing, and increasingly form the basis of formulary and reimbursement decisions and CME materials. In this guidelines culture, it is essential for drugs to be on the guidelines, yet harder than ever to influence the data that determines those guidelines. What can Pharma do to maximise the credibility and visibility of its products?? This groundbreaking report is designed to bring Pharma up to speed with the complexities of clinical guideline development and adherence, and provides practical insights on how to increase visibility, even in an area that is beyond commercial influence. Read More

Closing the Loop: delivering real-world commercial benefit from closed-loop marketing

Published January 2013

The majority of pharma companies in the United States and Europe employ closed loop marketing (CLM), yet by the time it's deployed in the field, it's lost its focus and power. Whatever the reasons-cost, data overload, regulatory hurdles in implementing new marketing-CLM has not delivered on its potential. Yet the promise still exists, if companies invest time, money and training. Written in four parts, this report outlines what CLM can do, the main issues facing companies implementing it, case studies outlining how effective CLM has been done and a complete breakdown of seven 'best practices' for achieving positive results. Read More

Driving Brand Value in Emerging Markets -- winning strategies and tactics

Published January 2013

As established markets continue to post single-digit-and often low single-digit-growth, the promise of double-digit growth in emerging markets is attracting multinationals. Yet for many, strategies and marketing that worked in developed markets does not translate well when introduced to dynamic and changing emerging markets. This report examines the potential and hurdles these markets represent to brands, while offering expert insight into how brands can negotiate their corner of the market. Filled with practical advice, case studies and analysis, this compelling report is indispensable for pharma companies attempting to grow their brand. Read More

Big Data in Pharma Marketing

Published January 2013

As the exponential growth in big data brings new opportunities and new challenges for the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, it is well on its way to realising its potential as a marketing tool. But the very scale of big data and the problem of determining how best to approach it make tackling this complex subject a daunting prospect. FirstWord's comprehensive report draws on expert opinion, explores every aspect of the subject from the various data sources to methods of analysis and the issues and challenges it raises and is the essential companion for anyone hoping to understand big data and its role in pharma marketing. Read More

Publication Practices for Compliance and Credibility

Published December 2012

The publication field is changing rapidly; pharma companies are opening doors to their clinical-trials data (some voluntarily, some not); open access publishing is becoming ubiquitous; and authorities are introducing a flurry of guidelines on publications standards. It's a tumultuous time for researchers and publishers alike. This timely report explores the factors driving these changes, and provides a broad overview of where the industry is at today, with exclusive case studies and expert opinions from GlaxoSmithKline, Lundbeck, and Janssen. The easy-to-read report offers a wealth of guidance designed to help pharma companies, and other publication professionals, adapt and thrive in this new environment. Read More

Therapy Trends Consensus Outlook: Hepatitis C

Published December 2012

The global hepatitis C (HCV) market is forecast to grow from $3.8 billion in 2011 to $14.5 billion in 2020. The catalysts for this growth include a boost in diagnosis rates following an increase in screening, and the introduction of more effective and tolerable pipeline agents. This Therapy Trends report combines detailed analysis with independent, unbiased, and accurate forecasts to understand the growing HCV market including players and products of today and tomorrow, and the strategies that will shape the market in the years ahead. Read More

Social and Mobile Pharma - the State of the Digital Landscape

Published November 2012

With social media assuming ever-greater importance in the world of pharma marketing, even the largest and most conservative of major brands now have to decide how best to interact with this relatively recent phenomenon. FirstWord has spoken with five of the leading authorities on how pharma is approaching social media to create a document that offers insight and guidance on every aspect of the subject from social gaming to legislative requirements.

Download this comprehensive guide to the fast-changing world of social media today to advance your understanding of a medium that is already proving vital to a successful marketing strategy. Read More

Therapy Trends: Rheumatoid Arthritis - Standing out in a crowded market

Updated November 2012

Over the next few years, the global Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) market is expected to grow from $16.5 billion in 2011 to $23.4 billion in 2016, making it one of the strongest growing pharmaceutical markets. This Therapy Trends research distils the opinions and projections of renowned RA key opinion leaders (KOLs) and leading RA market analysts to deliver unique expert perspectives and detailed product-level sales forecasts on the drugs and companies that will shape this competitive market over the next five years. Read More

The Rise of Health Outcome Liaison Teams

Published November 2012

Health Outcome Liaisons are emerging as an essential component of market access strategy. However, very little has been written about what these teams do, how they function, how they are structured, and how they might develop in the future. Until now. The newest report from FirstWord is a comprehensive guide to HOLs, providing a detailed explanation of this fast-evolving role, and a wealth of practical know-how on building an effective HOL team. Experts from the trenches share their invaluable insights into how to recruit and retain HOLs, how to structure an HOL team (or outsource), and what kinds of HEOR data can nurture successful collaborations between Pharma and payers. Don't miss this powerful opportunity to strengthen your market access strategy. Read More

Advisory Committees and Speaker Bureaux - Ensuring Compliance

Published October 2012

With the Sunshine Act due to go into effect next year, many companies are still unsure of how to stay compliant with the transparency requirements, and have major concerns about the impact on recruitment for advisory committees and speaker bureaux. FirstWord has consulted with more than 15 experts to create a definitive report on this topic, with practical guidance on how to revamp your compliance program, educate the public, and reduce negative impact on doctor recruitment, as well as details on alternative messaging channels, and positive uses of transparency data. Don't wait to act on this critical legislation; download this report today to strengthen your reputation and be fully prepared for this challenging new environment. Read More

Leveraging the iPad to Optimise MSL Impact

Published October 2012

Many pharma companies have already deployed iPads to MSLs in order to improve operational efficiency and scientific exchange with KOLs. You can now receive expert advice on the best ways to assess, deploy and manage the use of iPads for your MSLs with FirstWord's comprehensive new report: Leveraging the iPad to Optimise MSL Impact. Read More

Surveying Physician Uptake of Mobile Devices and Apps

Published October 2012

The rapid uptake of mobile technology by physicians gives them many options to choose from. But what mobile devices and apps are they using in their clinical practices? And why? FirstWord presents the results of an international survey involving over 1,000 doctors from five different countries. This report provides detailed answers and graphical analysis of respondents' current and future attitudes towards mobile technology. Read More

Evolving Modes of Physician and Sales Rep Interaction

A Nexus Physician Poll Study

Published October 2012

FirstWord Introduces Nexus Reports, helping you connect the present to the future. Our first report offers a view into Evolving Modes of Physician and Sales Rep Interaction.

FirstWord polled more than 1,200 physicians in nine different countries/regions over a 24-hour period and asked key questions pertaining to their interaction with pharma sales reps. Results and analyses are delivered in a series of data sets, slide decks with a written report exposing variations in physicians' experiences and preferences for engaging with sales reps, and in the trends playing out, across the countries and regions surveyed. Read More

Managing Real-World Data

Published October 2012

Pharma companies face a future where they no longer have exclusive rights to the bulk of data in circulation about their products, and many healthcare stakeholders are beginning to connect the dots between separate data sources - creating powerful new resources. In this challenging environment, many pharma companies are exploring collaborations with healthcare stakeholders to create and source RWD. These innovative partnerships are changing the face of healthcare.

This cutting-edge report takes a detailed look at how companies are using RWD, and provides expert guidance on how to transition an organisation from siloed uses of RWD to an impactful integrated strategy that benefits your business and improves lives. Read More

Therapy Trends: Multiple Sclerosis

Updated September 2012

2012 will see landmark changes in the treatment of MS. Gilenya, the first novel drug in five years, has been joined by Sanofi's Aubagio and set to be accompanied by two more new products: BG-12 from Biogen Idec, and Genzyme's Lemtrada. These drugs will partially satisfy substantial unmet needs of convenient administration and more efficacious therapy to drive unprecedented market growth.

Driven by in-depth interviews with the world's leading multiple sclerosis KOLs, Therapy Trends: Multiple Sclerosis uncovers how the current treatment landscape will be impacted by significant future events, with particular focus on pipeline therapies and how these will modify the way MS is managed by neurologists in the future. Understand how the approval of Aubagio will affect the MS market and the anticipated prescribing trends within the first year of launch. Read More

Pharma and Payers - Building Better Relationships

Published September 2012

As volume-based pricing is superseded by value-based pricing, it is more critical than ever for Pharma to understand and respond to payers' wants and needs. This powerful new report from FirstWord is a working guide to improving relations between Pharma and payers. Through concise reporting, and exclusive interviews with more than a dozen experts, you will gain a clear understanding of the payer landscape – including payer types, regional differences and drivers of change. You will learn what payers want from Pharma, and how Pharma can realign itself to meet those needs. You will also acquire knowledge of best practices for communication and collaboration, including examples of successful Pharma-payer partnerships. To create healthy discussions and improve market access, don't miss this invaluable report. Read More

FirstImpact: FDA approval of Aubagio

Published September 2012

A poll of nearly 300 US neurologists conducted by FirstWord within 24 hours of Aubagio's approval by the FDA has yielded valuable data on future prescribing patterns of this new drug and the impact it may have on rival therapies. Full data and a detailed written and graphical analysis of the neurologists' response is provided in this important FirstImpact study. Read More

Charting the Biosimilar and Biobetter Development Pipeline

Published September 2012

Biosimilar development has failed to meet expectations in recent years, but that is set to change. With a new U.S. biosimilars approval pathway imminent and the expiration of many top-selling biologics on the horizon, biosimilar developers are highly motivated to invest in their pipeline. Originator, generics, and biosimilar companies alike need to know about the latest development trends and status of specific products, but it has been nearly impossible to get a complete, up-to-date picture until now. First Word's report team has carried out extensive and continuous research to create a fully comprehensive reference to the global biosimilar, biobetter, and biogeneric pipeline. This exclusive report gives you a detailed preview of all products known to be in development, with more than 60 illuminating tables and charts, and intelligent commentary. It's time to assess your future competition, and discover new opportunities for success. Download Charting the Biosimilar and Biobetter Development Pipeline today. Read More

Therapy Trends Consensus Outlook: Multiple Sclerosis

Updated September 2012

Over the next five years, the global multiple sclerosis (MS) market is set to grow from $12.3 billion in 2011 to $17.3 billion in 2016. Primary drivers of this growth will be the entry of new pipeline therapies -- satisfying the unmet needs of convenient administration and more efficacious therapy -- and continued uptake of existing therapies. This report and analytics module provide detailed analyses and forecasts of the MS market players and products of today and tomorrow. Read More

Therapy Trends: Alzheimer's Disease - Breaking new ground in disease modification

Updated August 2012

This new Therapy Trends report analyses the major factors, core issues and late-stage pipeline products that are shaping the future of Alzheimer's disease treatment. It includes exclusive interviews with the market's foremost key opinion leaders, allowing you to map the future market landscape and hone your strategic decision-making Read More

Pharma's Future Role in CME

Published August 2012

Radical CME changes in the US and Europe are forcing many pharma companies to reassess their position in medical education. Re-evaluate the potential risks, opportunities and strategies for your company with FirstWord Dossier's comprehensive new report: Pharma's Future Role in CME. Read More

Pharma Reputations: Managing Perceptions

Published August 2012

In today's world, trust in authority and big business continues to decline, and Tweets and Likes can make or destroy a company's reputation overnight. In this new environment, it's increasingly essential to integrate reputation management and thinking into every part of an organisation. But how?
A comprehensive report from FirstWord provides a view of the key issues affecting reputation, examines the real impact that a good or bad reputation can have, and outlines the key steps a company can take to reach reputational competence. Company leaders and communications and marketing personnel will acquire industry best practices and get an inside look at the current reputation management approaches of five pharma companies. Reputation really does count, so don't miss this report! Read More

Pharma sales force shape, size and structure - where next?

Published July 2012

How can restructuring help you keep your top sales performers, reduce costs and improve your rep-physician relationships? Simply reducing your sales force size isn't enough. A New FirstWord Dossier report shows you how to identify and use the right resources, sales people and technology to meet the specific needs of busy physicians.

Pharma sales force shape, size and structure - where next? Analyse the decisive sales force structures, strategies, resources and technology that pharma companies now need to improve doctors' prescribing. Read More

Sampling: A key business driver in a multi-channel environment

Published July 2012

Reliance on long-established sales activities, and concerns for jobs, have made Pharma reluctant to transition from sales-led physical sampling programmes to a centralised, multi-channel model with a mix of sampling tactics, including coupons and vouchers. However, requirements for greater reporting transparency around sampling, a reduction in sales personnel, and the positive results coming from new sampling tactics, are encouraging the move to a multi-channel model. This new report provides in-depth analysis of the major trends in sampling, and a wealth of insights from companies who are pioneering a more intelligent, centralised, and efficient approach to sampling. Acquire the data and proven strategies you need to make this transition, and position your organisation for the future of sampling right now. Read More

Effective Sales and Marketing Strategies for Orphan Drugs

Published June 2012

This report reviews the increasing migration of big pharma into the potentially lucrative orphan drug market. It defines the distinctly different marketing strategies and challenges of orphan drugs vs. non-orphan drugs. It also discusses the specific factors and stakeholders that drive orphan drug development and uptake.

Effective Sales and Marketing Strategies for Orphan Drugs draws on critical opinions of 13 experts in orphan drugs and rare diseases. It analyses the latest business models, strategies and challenges that pharma companies face in orphan drug development, stakeholder awareness and commercialisation. Read More

Inside China's Healthcare Reforms: Opportunities for Multinational Pharma

Published June 2012

Major healthcare reform in China is rapidly expanding access to healthcare among its 1.3 billion citizens. How can your company take advantage of the increased investment in healthcare provision?

Chinese health reform is a complex topic, but this comprehensive new report from FirstWord Dossier is easy to read, intelligently organised, and very actionable.

With one report, you'll understand how key features of reform could present opportunities or challenges for Pharma, and you'll receive insights from local industry experts and policy makers that will help you gain market access in China - locally and nationally. Read More

Managing Investigator-Initiated Research

Published May 2012

Do you have questions about how to manage your IIR programme more effectively? Are you concerned about compliance with the sunshine provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)? This comprehensive report brings together industry data, exclusive expert opinions, and a wealth of practical know-how, in one highly accessible resource. Specific guidance is offered on complying with legislation, submissions and reviews process, contracts, safety, milestone management, fair market value (FMV), measurement, role of MSLs, and web-based tracking tools. Know what to do, and what not to do, to ensure transparent, efficient IIR programmes that fully support your organisation's research strategy. Read More

New Product Penetration: Understanding & Accelerating New Product Uptake

Published May 2012

This report reveals that the major factors shaping today's product uptake curves are rapidly changing. However, many pharmaceutical executives are unaware of these facts. They also fail to update their strategies for developing and launching their new products.

New Product Penetration: Understanding & Accelerating New Product Uptake draws on critical analysis of peer-reviewed studies, and expert opinions from interviews with industry leaders. It includes a range of recommended tactics, and a guide to essential questions to consider, to help you improve the target market uptake of your new pharmaceutical products. Read More

Tapping Social Media for Clinical Trial Recruitment

Published April 2012

With an estimated 80% of all clinical trials failing to achieve enrolment goals, many sponsors have been turning to Social Media for help to reach the right patients. This fascinating report explores what makes this channel effective for trial recruitment, and highlights different ways in which Pharma companies are using these new resources. Tapping Social Media for Clinical Trial Recruitment also discusses some of the challenges of using Social Media, including the lack of formal regulations in this new arena, and looks ahead to the future. Don't miss this opportunity to get up to speed with the newest techniques in clinical trial recruitment. Read More

Generics as a Vehicle to Improve Market Access

Published April 2012

With millions of people in the developing world needing access to affordable medicines, governments are looking to lower-cost generics as a solution. However, does expanded access reduce revenues and thus impact investment into R&D for other vital treatments? Generics as a Vehicle to Improve Market Access draws on expert opinions from industry thought-leaders, as well as perspectives from originator and generics companies, to provide insights into TRIPS, voluntary licensing, compulsory licensing, and many more key issues. Critical definitions, data, and references are also included for your convenience. Read More

Market Access: Communicating Value Stories to Payers

Published April 2012

Market Access: Communicating Value Stories to Payers takes a timely look at the changing payer ecosystem. As EU countries continue the trend towards decentralised decision-making, market access increasingly depends on a drug company's ability to adapt its core positioning for numerous regional markets. This in-depth report examines ways in which companies can harness affiliates to acquire and foster local payer relationships, while maintaining clear and consistent communications throughout the entire organisation. The report is enriched with current, frank perspectives from executives at Bayer Germany, Lundbeck, and Astellas Europe, as well as detailed look at the payer engagement environment in the UK and Germany. Read More

Branded Generics in S.E. Asia-Current and Future Opportunities

Published March 2012

Branded Generics in S.E. Asia-Current and Future Opportunities offers a 360 degree view of the branded generics market in ASEAN countries, set against the region's diverse healthcare delivery models, disparity in income and the influences of decision-makers. The report covers not only a current market overview but detailed analysis of local marketing practices. It also addresses the impact, locally and on multinationals, of ASEAN harmonization policy, pro-generic legislation and manufacturing weaknesses. Given the industry's thirst for new areas of growth, can Big Pharma overcome challenges in the Asian sub-region to make it profitable? Read More

Generic Defence Strategies: Targeting Patient Co-Pay

Published March 2012

Generic Defence Strategies: Targeting Patient Co-Pay provides an in-depth analysis of the growing use of co-payment coupons to drive market share to branded drugs, particularly those on higher-tier formulary levels. Current perspectives and fresh case studies reveal that although "couponing" has been a highly effective direct to consumer marketing tactic - increasing awareness and positive perception as well as sales - payers and consumers are increasingly pushing back on the practice, with greater restrictions and authorizations for non-preferred brands. How can pharma respond to this changing environment and turn a challenge into an opportunity? Read More

Engaging KOLs: new thinking on thought leader development

Published March 2012

Engaging KOLs: new thinking on thought leader development examines the changing ways that pharma is engaging healthcare professionals as Key Opinion Leaders, especially as they anticipate the increased compliance requirements of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act (PPSA). More than 30 KOLs and 9 industry experts shared their frontline perspectives on best (and worst) practices, which have been distilled into practical guidance that's essential for any organization that engages KOLs. Specific topics explored in this comprehensive report include the role and impact of Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), approaches to managing the sensitive relationship between Medical Affairs and Sales, and the use of KOL Management software to aid effective communication. Read More

New Thinking in Patient Adherence

Published March 2012

New Thinking in Patient Adherence reveals a shift towards a more holistic approach to this costly problem, and reviews a wealth of innovative tactics that are being used to address compliance and persistence issues worldwide. You'll learn about new ways that leading pharmaceutical companies are collaborating with other healthcare stakeholders, including clinicians, pharmacists, payers, and health systems. This up-to-the-minute report also provides details on effective educational initiatives, and the very latest technological solutions, including smart pills and packaging, mobile applications, and remote monitoring. Read More

Tiered Pricing Strategies in Emerging Markets

Published February 2012

Tiered Pricing Strategies in Emerging Markets offers concisely written insights into the issue of differential pricing in fast-growing markets where stark disparities in wealth are common. Based on interviews with experts from pharma, health economics and health activism, the report sheds light on the challenges ahead in establishing the right price point, increasing market access and avoiding the diversion of price-tiered products into wealthier markets while answering the call of corporate social responsibility. Filled with clear explanations and timely examples, the dossier gives the industry a precise view of a new and selective strategy. Read More

Adapting to a New Environment: Emerging Segmentation Practice in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Published February 2012

In Adapting to a New Environment: Emerging Segmentation Practice in the Pharmaceutical Industry, FirstWord Dossier washes away muddy thinking about what market segmentation is by offering a clear and succinct definition. It delves into how it has become a complex and highly evolved practice that dismisses a single 'best practice' approach and allows for company-by-company 'best practice for us'. The report, based on five case studies and insight from a leading consultancy, identifies the drivers behind this development, as well as the tangible and intangible lessons to be learned. In addition, the dossier examines the barriers to implementation, how to overcome them and looks into the future of sustainable competitive practice. Read More

Meeting KOL Needs: What Pharma Needs to Know

Published February 2012

In Meeting KOL Needs: What Pharma Needs to Know, FirstWord taps into the mindsets of 33 leading international KOLs to discover how they view their industry work and where they want—and need—their collaborations to go. From KOL views on feedback, trial work and how follow-ups could be improved to invaluable insight on the PPSA's potential impact and how pharma cutbacks have negatively affected their knowledge base, the report exposes KOLs' major concerns. Based on in-depth, qualitative interviews and analysis, the report offers the industry an open window into the KOL relationship and how it can be strategically improved. Read More

KOL Relationship Development: Leveraging Social Media Platforms

Published January 2012

FirstWord Dossier's new report on KOL Relationship Development: Leveraging Social Media Platforms is a compelling examination of the rise of social media as an informal, but increasingly important, interactive marketing tool. Critically, it looks at social media-based KOLS who, although traditionally dismissed by the conservative pharmaceutical industry, are coming from behind the scenes to be heard. The report, based on six in-depth expert interviews and additional research, examines the trends, options and issues surrounding social media KOLs, how to identify them and how best to capture their voices. Engagingly written and current, the report addresses how the industry can best adapt marketing strategies to the digital age-and how to track their success. Read More

Pricing and Reimbursement Trends in the US

Published January 2012

In Pricing and Reimbursement Trends in the US, FirstWord lays bare the US model by defining comparative effectiveness research and exploring its limitations with regards to controlled drug trials. The report expertly examines direct versus indirect cost effectiveness analysis, the role of key government institutions and managed care organisations and the impact such research is having on blockbuster drugs. Based on au courant research, expert interviews and several compelling case studies, the report takes a critical look at US policy decisions and trends and offers a clear, uncluttered view of the US drug reimbursement system. Read More

Academic Detailing: Pharma Fights Back

Published January 2012

In Academic Detailing: Pharma Fights Back, FirstWord Dossier examines the use of academic detailing to educate physicians and asks what impact the practice is having on the pharmaceutical industry. The report questions not only the different rules for the industry and academic detailers, but under what conditions the approach works best and how pharma can fashion its response depending on whether the messages are favourable or not. Based on expert interviews, the report also reveals new marketing approaches such as changing compensation structures for sales staff and the increasing use of MSL teams. Incorporating four cases studies, the dossier offers insight into how pharma can stay abreast of what prescribers are hearing-and how it can be managed. Read More

Gauging the Biosimilar Effect: will the market boom or bust?

Published January 2012

Cast against European and particularly German experiences, Gauging the Biosimilar Effect: will the market boom or bust? looks at the current state-of-play for biosimilars. The report, based on 16 industry interviews, examines the drivers and resistors to the still-unproven biosimilars market. The report moves adeptly from a general discussion of biosimilars to an explanation why they proved immediately popular in Germany. Market drivers-patent expiry, developing markets and costs savings-are reflected against the roadblocks, including high barriers to entry, lack of substitution, repressive US legislation and the physicians' reluctance to engage. Finally, the report reviews the responses of both innovator and biosimilar companies, as well as their strategies for future success. Read More

MSL Metrics: Measuring Success

Published December 2011

While contributing significantly to company success, quantifying what MSLs do has always proven elusive. In MSL Metrics: Measuring Success, FirstWord Dossier unravels the subtle impact of the MSL field force. The report reviews the main quantitative and qualitative metrics used to measure achievement, offers insight into how MSLs specialize-and the drawbacks that may represent-and examines what is required for an effective MSL programs. Concisely written, the report offers the industry clear-sighted, practical strategies for creating a solid approach to measuring MSL success. Read More

Interacting with Oncology KOLs: Fulfilling Unmet Needs

Published December 2011

In Interacting with Oncology KOLs: Fulfilling Unmet Needs, FirstWord examines the impact of transparency legislation on KOLs and their strong desire for greater involvement in drug development, trial design and post-trial follow up. The report, based on interviews with 15 KOLs from across Europe, the US and Canada, uncovers oncology KOLs views on the industry's digital media usage, level of disease knowledge amongst pharma personnel, CME spending and the high turn-over rate within the industry. Offering the KOL perspective on what works, what doesn't and what they want to see going forward, the report delivers exceptional and decisive insight into the KOL mind. Read More

iPad and Smartphone: Pharma and the Super Mobile Revolution

Published November 2011

iPad and Smartphone: Pharma and the Super Mobile Revolution examines the rapid changes in mobile and tablet technology usage and development. The report, based on expert interviews and up-to-the-minute research, offers timely insight into how multiple mobile technologies are being adopted by physicians and the pharmaceutical industry, and how that trend is affecting communications and sales. In addition, the report tracks how the industry is addressing training, security, consumerization of IT within organizations and advances such as HTML5 and apps. Read More

Biosimilar Drugs in Europe: Threat or Opportunity to Innovation?

Published November 2011

In Biosimilar Drugs in Europe: Threat or Opportunity to Innovation?, FirstWord examines the emerging biosimilars market. The report, based on expert interviews and analysis, examines market differences across Europe and different therapeutic areas. The impact of biosimilars on originator companies-and their response-is discussed, as well as strategies biosimilar companies will engage in to expand their market share. And most importantly, the report offers insight into biosimilar deals and what the future holds in the EU. Read More

Pharma Product Launches: Strategies for Success

Published October 2011

In Pharma Product Launches: Strategies for Success, FirstWord looks at how successful launch strategies can place pharmaceutical companies in a strong position, despite the weak market. The report, based on expert interviews and case studies, explains how and when to initiate launch planning and stakeholder engagement, the importance of creating pre-launch awareness and the importance of product differentiation. In careful detail, the report outlines the key elements of launch programs and highlights the opportunities-and challenges-that the industry faces in launching a new drug in primary care and specialty markets. Read More

Payer Agreements: Splitting the Risk

Published October 2011

In Payer Agreements: Splitting the Risk, FirstWord Dossier offers a complete and concise overview of payer schemes by definition and category. Based on a vast array of expert interviews, the report discusses the key drivers behind the evolution of payer schemes from financial imperatives to market uncertainty. Most importantly, the report defines-country by country-emerging trends based on current case studies and tackles the big question: What are the key features that will ensure success?. Read More

Health Technology Assessment (HTA): a European perspective

Published September 2011

Health Technology Assessment (HTA): a European perspective examines the current role of HTA in Europe, from its impact on reimbursement and pricing to market access. The report focuses on the experiences of five European nations, reviewing the history of HTA and the key agencies in each. Written by an expert health economist and with insight from experts from NICE, EUnetHTA , the EMA and leading pharmaceutical companies, the report reveals the problems, pitfalls and-most importantly-the potential of a harmonized approach to HTA in Europe. Read More

Biobetters: Major Players and Market Prospects (2nd edition)

Published September 2011

In Biobetters: Major Players and Market Prospects (2nd edition), FirstWord describes the biobetters market and how it is evolving into a growing force. The report reviews the role biosimilars have played, presents the rationale behind biobetters and how interest is stirring in their development. In addition, the report concisely outlines how companies are developing biobetters, the areas of greatest potential and the 'Achilles Heel' of immunogenicity. Based on frontline expert interviews, the report addresses the question of approval pathways, who the major players are and, perhaps most importantly, offers a compelling picture of biobetters' future. Read More

Observing Patients Online: the changing face of research

Published September 2011

In Observing Patients Online: the changing face of research, FirstWord investigates the role online patient communities can play in observational research to enhance knowledge of how drugs are taken in the real world. Based on expert interviews, research and studies, the report examines how the means to recruit patients online and track their experience via patient-reported outcome questionnaires and sensors in real-time has the potential to transform how observational studies are conducted. Read More

Pharmaceutical Brand PR: Developing Engaging Campaigns and Measuring ROI

Published September 2011

In Pharmaceutical Brand PR: Developing Engaging Campaigns and Measuring ROI, FirstWord goes directly to the experts to determine key factors in what makes PR campaigns buzz and how tightened budget but greater expectations have changed the way PR work is mandated. The report also examines the role of PR versus advertising and how, through social media, PR has become increasingly sophisticated to position brands across multiple channels and audiences. But mostly compelling, it dissects why-and how-ROI can be measured and how such information can deliver more insight than just numbers. Read More

Pharma Marketing Excellence: Lessons from Experience

Published August 2011

In Pharma Marketing Excellence: Lessons from Experience, FirstWord reviews the role of marketing excellence strategies, what they entail and why they have been integrated into the wider landscape of competency development and marketing strategies. In reviewing the experiences of five companies, the report reveals a four-archetype model, establishes seven key lessons for those implementing programmes and offers real solutions to not only avoid failure, but ensure success.Read More

New Research into Prescribing Practices

Published August 2011

In New Research into Prescribing Practices, FirstWord reviews the role of comparative effectiveness research (CER), the significant knowledge gaps CER projects have identified in physician knowledge and how such information will shape the way that pharmaceutical firms promote their products. Based on expert interviews and the latest research, the report reveals the key factors influencing physician decisions, from formal education, casual colleague conversations, insurance regulations and government subsidies to continuing medical education, samples and even patient pressure. Read More

Creating Compelling Market Access Value Stories

Published August 2011

Creating Compelling Market Access Value Stories addresses one of the most the most challenging questions facing pharma companies by delving into how value stories are created and managed. The report offers insight into the critical imperatives surrounding the development and evolution of value stories. It discusses payer expectations, how companies can ensure that all departments work from a market access perspective and addresses practical issues such as testing and ensuring message consistency. Read More

Digital Marketing Talent: Who is Pharma Hiring?

Published August 2011

Digital Marketing Talent: Who is Pharma Hiring? goes behind the doors of HR departments and hiring firms to examine the current job market in digital marketing. The report not only identifies the most in-demand digital jobs, but looks at how hiring practices are changing, too. From descriptions of new positions to the challenges of finding the right skill set and experience in new hires, the report is a snapshot of how digital technology is impacting pharma and how companies can access its power. Read More

The Impact of iPads on Pharma: a Primer

Published July 2011

The Impact of iPads on Pharma: A Primer offers complete insight into how the iPad is being used and why. Logically broken down into a step-by-step approach, the report discusses all the major areas, from the business case for iPads and choosing a device to creating localized content and capturing iPad data in closed loop marketing to physicians. Containing interviews with some of the industry’s leading experts, the report is an up-to-the-minute look at iPads, their growth potential and how the industry’s relationship with digital technology is likely to evolve. Read More

Market Access Brazil: Unlocking Pharma Potential

Published July 2011

Despite efforts by Brazil’s new left-of-centre government to attract foreign pharmaceutical investment and increasing industry transparency, many hurdles remain unresolved. In Market Access Brazil: Unlocking Pharma Potential, FirstWord addresses the key issues of price setting, intellectual property requirements, burdensome tax laws, slow product approvals and linguistic barriers. The report provides the industry with the most current political insight, the latest trends, expert opinion and a concise roadmap to establishing a presence in Brazil. Read More

MSL-KOL Engagement: Ensuring Compliance

Published June 2011

As MSLs continue to grow and gain in their importance in modern pharmaceutical practice, they walk an increasingly thin and perilous line when discussing off-label prescribing with physicians. In MSL-KOL Engagement: Ensuring Compliance, FirstWord offers a unique insight into the current regulatory environment, the issues at stake, the hallmarks of effective MSL-KOL engagement and what leading companies are doing to ensure regulatory compliance. Read More

Pharma on Twitter: Developing a Presence

Published June 2011

In Pharma on Twitter: Developing a Presence leading Pharma experts define what constitutes best practice for Pharma Twitter accounts as they continue to evolve. The report features in depth insights into the ways in which industry Twitter accounts have come to support companies' other digital presences, and examines how their reception is influencing companies' use of Social Media to interact with stakeholders. Key moments in the accounts' histories that have served to develop their profiles are identified, and respondents consider the future purposes to which Pharma Twitter accounts could be put. Read More

Drug Combinations: New Rules, New Opportunities

Published May 2011

In Drug Combinations: New Rules, New Opportunities, FirstWord unravels the most pressing issues surrounding combination drugs by drawing on the insight of 18 experts working in cutting-edge biological research and regulatory affairs. The tightly-written report overviews the US Food and Drug Administration's recent guidance document, and explains how it can be deployed to develop effective new treatments. The report also addresses the remaining barriers to development and provides insight into co-development trials as well as discussing commercial factors such as anti-trust, intellectual property and working across differing corporate cultures. Read More

Market Access Europe: It's Not Just About Price

Published May 2011

In Market Access Europe: It's Not Just About Price, FirstWord casts a critical eye on the rapidly changing European environment to consider the key drivers and barriers to market access. The wide-ranging report addresses all major areas of market access in Europe, from value demonstration and partnership to price reference issues, the importance of communicating value and pan-European versus local approaches. The study includes interviews and access to some of the most senior and well-respected industry figures from PharmaPrice International, Novartis, Janssen and Axon Communications, amongst others. Concisely written, the report offers the industry discussions of major trends, insight into the pros and cons of specific approaches and most importantly of all, a thorough overview of the current state of the environment. Read More

Keys for Pharma Success: Integrating Social

Published May 2011

In Keys for Pharma Success: Integrating Social leading Pharma voices share their expert insights into the benefits to the industry of fully integrating social elements into the communications and marketing mix. The report provides detailed accounts of the progress Pharma is making through the stages of social business by means of in-depth case studies of three fully integrated social campaigns. The report concludes by with two opportunity analyses focusing on enterprise integration and micro community development. Read More

Biosimilars Update

Published Oct 2010/Feb 2011

A combination package of two top-selling reports: Biosimilars: Surveying the Market Landscape (Oct 2010) and Biosimilars Regulatory Update: An Evolving Landscape (Feb 2011). In the first report, FirstWord answers the most pressing questions facing the biosimilars industry. It reviews early entrants, current leaders and biosimilar production from manufacturing and marketing to the regulatory landscape across EU and American markets. The second report examines the EMA's new biosimilar mAb draft guidelines and the FDA's consideration of just how biosimilar approval should proceed in the US. Read More

Pharma Blogging: Speaking Out

Published March, 2011

In Pharma Blogging: Speaking Out Nexus invites leading Pharma bloggers to share their expert insights into the benefits and challenges to the healthcare industry offered by the informal medium of blogging. The report provides detailed accounts of strategic benefits provided by the blog format, the content published, workflows utilized, and tactics employed, as well as the measures that are considered to define success. The report concludes with advice to those in the industry with responsibility for investigating how to launch and maintain their own company's blog. Read More

E-Detailing Trends

Published March, 2011

While more and more doctors seek information online, e-detailing is emerging as a strong tool in marketing. But having the technology is just part of the equation. Content, interactive contact with physicians and getting the message right are also critical. In E-Detailing Trends, FirstWord examines how e-detailing is evolving, setting trends and establishing a reputation for results. Based on interviews with five industry leaders and key experts, the report thoroughly discusses the shifting e-detailing environment and offers insight into its future. Read More

Pharma Social Media Campaigns: current thinking and future outlook

Published February, 2011

In Pharma Social Media Campaigns: current thinking and future outlook, Nexus calls upon the insight of five leading Pharma and Healthcare experts closely associated with their company's activities on the Social Web in order to share their expert opinion regarding key areas of interest surrounding the development of industry campaigns in important new environments. The report provides accounts of the preparation, implementation, monitoring, maintenance, adaptation and cessation of Social Media initiatives, as well as considering key theoretical and practical issues such as channel selection and campaign catalysts. The report concludes with a best practice summary. Read More

Building Strong Market Access Teams

Published February, 2011

In Building Strong Market Access Teams, FirstWord charts a path through the new market access landscape by examining the current European payer mood, the end of free price-setting in two important markets and issues facing market access recruitment and the cross-functional nature of the work. Set against detailed case studies and key interviews with leading experts, the 36-page report lays out how the industry is responding to payer information networks, which strategies work best in building effective market access teams and where the industry is headed. Read More

Biosimilars Regulatory Update: an evolving landscape

Published February, 2011

In Biosimilars Regulatory Update: an evolving landscape, FirstWord offers a timely and thorough analysis of Europe's new biosimilar draft guidelines, cast against the FDA's consideration of just how biosimilar approval should proceed in the US. The report offers clear and critical insights into an otherwise complex topic, at a time when the industry must keep pace more than ever with developments. Containing a full breakdown of clinical and non-clinical requirements for Europe, immunogenicity assessments, a guide to the US position and a section on pharmacovigilance, the report is an accurate state-of-play on a dynamic and shifting industry. Read More

Pharma Sales Force Innovations: technology, training and rewards

Published January, 2011

Sales are down, sales reps’ jobs are in peril. How is the pharmaceutical industry responding? In Pharma Sales Force Innovations: technology, training and rewards, FirstWord compares current and emerging sales models as well as traditional versus innovative training methods. The 30-page report also addresses how and when technology should be used, the implementation of e-training, and changing sales rep reward and compensation models. Read More

Pharma YouTube Channels: Content and Comment

Published December, 2010

In Pharma YouTube Channels: Content and Comment Nexus calls upon the insight of five leading Pharma and Healthcare experts closely associated with their company’s YouTube channels to share their expert opinion regarding key areas of interest surrounding the development of industry YouTube channels. The report offers accounts of the planning and production of channels, together with discussion of the content developed. Tactical considerations of issues such as search engine optimization, video length and the management of comments are addressed, together with a consideration of how success is measured by the industry on YouTube. The report concludes with a best practice summary. Read More

Digital Doctors: Marketing to Online Networks

Published December, 2010

According to one study, 73 percent of US physicians prefer e-detailing, online seminars and web conferences to face-to-face promotion strategies. As more and more doctors turn to online networks and websites for information, how can marketing meet pace? FirstWord’s Digital Doctors: Marketing to Online Communities examines the landscape of physician online communities to show how it is evolving, how pharma companies are using these communities and how the networks are responding to pharma needs . Based on interviews with industry experts, up-to-the-minute research and compelling statistical evidence, the report offers instant and timely insight into the dynamic world of physician online communities. Read More

Generic Substitution: Taking a Narrow View?

Published November, 2010

In Generic Substitution: Taking a Narrow View? FirstWord draws upon expert opinion from leading thinkers such as University of Colorado immunosuppressant specialist Dr Uwe Christians to nimbly examine how some markets are legislating exclusions to generic substitution for narrow therapeutic index drugs, while some American legislators are drawing up 'carve-out' exceptions. Containing analysis, definitions, charts and interviews, the report includes an overview of immunosuppressant, antiepileptic, cardiovascular and mood-modifying drugs and the impact of substitution. Read More

Closing the Loop: Beyond Digital Detailing

Published November, 2010

In Closing the Loop: Beyond Digital Detailing, FirstWord examines the current situation with Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) in the industry, and discovers just why the push towards using this innovative tool has stalled. Based on excellent research and extensive interviews with some of the most compelling voices in pharma marketing, the report details the industry's stumbling blocks to successfully implementing CLM, offers a vision of how it can be used on a daily basis to improve sales, and suggests practical steps to achieving it. The report includes vital charts, metrics and a fascinating case study. Read More

Pharma Marketing in Latin America

Published November, 2010

Latin America is a land of diversity. In Pharma Marketing in Latin America, FirstWord delves into the complex issues dominating the pharmaceutical industry's marketing strategies. The report analyses the size of the Latin American market and health care sectors, reviews the existing complex—and sometimes contradictory—regulatory environment and examines key influences. How is medical tourism, the Internet, social media and e-marketing tools such as Medimix impacting pharmaceutical marketing? To answer these critical questions, the fast-paced dossier draws on penetrating research and interviews with the leading voices in the Latin American arena. Read More

Biosimilars: Surveying the Market Landscape

October, 2010

Worldwide, the pressure is on to produce cheaper medicines to replace high-cost drugs not widely available to the uninsured or in emerging markets. Biosimilars—follow-on biological products that reference the action of biologicals without copying them—may be the answer. Yet they face considerable hurdles, from development and approval to marketing. In Biosimilars: Surveying the Market Landscape, FirstWord lays bare the entire biosimilar landscape, and offers critical insight into this emerging industry. Read More

Pharma Market Insights: Generics

Compiled October, 2010

An omnibus of critical intelligence reports covering a wide range of issues affecting branded and generics manufacturers and their markets. The Pharma Market Insight: Generics Collection offers insight and analysis on:

  • market prospects for biobetters
  • the emerging specialty generics industry
  • the controversy surrounding pay-for-delay
  • the current situation with branded versus generics in both Russia and Latin America
  • how branded generics are gaining market share

Read More

Pharma Market Insights: Latin America

Compiled October, 2010

A compilation of FirstWord's most popular and insightful dossiers, the Pharma Market Insights: Latin America Collection includes insights into:

  • the secrets of engaging healthcare stakeholders
  • the battle between branded and generic drugs cast against a socio-political landscape
  • the very unique position of Mexico's pharma sales force
  • the most successful strategies for gaining market access in a volatile and varied economic climate

Read More

Tomorrow's KOLs: the changing face of influence

Published September, 2010

The pharmaceutical industry is changing. And so are its stakeholders. In Tomorrow's KOLs: the changing face of influence, FirstWord details the evolving role of physicians, payers and patients as stakeholders, and how the industry is responding to those shifting dynamics. Concisely written and intelligently researched, this report is a must-read for anyone affected by changing stakeholder influence. Read More

REMS: A Standardized Approach to Risk Management

Published September, 2010

Once the exclusive burden of drug companies with high-risk products, REMS requirements are evolving. In REMS: A Standardized Approach to Risk Management, FirstWord addresses the drawbacks and benefits associated with drug-class REMS, as well as insights into how such programs affect drug roll-out and marketing. Based on the most current information, interviews and news, the report offers the pharmaceutical industry a much-needed roadmap to how REMS will affect business. Read More

Digital Technologies to Boost Patient Compliance

Published September, 2010

Patient compliance is critical for the pharmaceutical industry for a number of reasons. Increased revenues, positive outcomes and renewing the industry’s tarnished image are all key benefits. In Digital Technologies to Boost Patient Compliance, FirstWord examines the use of digital technology to improve health outcomes. From phone apps and video games to smart pills and containers, digital technology—and evolving regulatory constraints—are emerging as important issues for an industry in transition. Read More

Market Access in Latin America

Published August, 2010

Latin America is a rich mosaic of politics, economics and social policies. From right-of-centre Columbia to left-leaning Venezuela, political forces are defining the pharmaceutical industry’s presence. Understanding the regulatory, legal and intellectual property environment is the key to any firms’ success. In Pharmaceutical Market Access in Latin America, FirstWord opens the door by delving into the emerging Latin American market. The concise-written report includes a country-by-country breakdown of policies, inter-governmental agreements and profiles of five major companies already in the region. The report paints a clear picture of the possibilities the region holds—and how to access them. Read More

Branded vs Generic Drugs in Russia and CEE – expert insights

Published July, 2010

Across the former Communist countries of Russia and Central and Eastern Europe, consumers are voting with their wallets. While most prefer ‘status’ branded drugs, they are historically inclined to prefer subsidized, inexpensive medications. The result is a battle for market share between patented drugs, and branded and commodity generics. Against this backdrop, FirstWord examines the legal and cultural barriers to entering this hotly contested marketplace in Branded vs Generic Drugs in Russia and CEE – expert insights. Featuring case studies, key insights and interview transcripts with pharmaceutical leaders in the region, the report defines the scope of pharma’s challenges in the region. Read More

Drug Brand Perceptions: Breast Cancer – a social media analysis

Published July, 2010

Over the past decade, the pharmaceutical industry has built its profile through social media platforms. Yet patient groups are increasingly wary, and are turning instead to independent Web 2.0 forums to discuss their issues. Somewhere along the way, companies and patients have disconnected. In Drug Brand Perceptions: Breast Cancer – a social media analysis, FirstWord analyzes 200 social media conversations on each of six leading breast cancer drugs by patients over two months to chart how they impact brand perception, and how the industry is responding. The timely report offers key insights not only to breast cancer drug companies—but the industry as a whole. Read More

Pay-for Delay: An Unsettled Future Lies Ahead

Published July, 2010

As more and more branded drugs go off-patent and new generics enter, the space between profit loss and gain is shrinking. Increasingly, branded companies facing patent expiry are turning to pay-for-delay deals which postpone generics market entry in exchange for a value transfer. The deals extend a branded drug’s market exclusivity and avoid lengthy and costly litigation. Within the industry, many see reverse-settlement payments as a win-win situation. However, pay-for-delay deals have cost the payer an estimated $35 billion over ten years, prompting regulators to scrutinizing such settlement agreements more closely. Indeed the US Federal Trade Commission is on the cusp of gaining greater powers to deal with anticompetitive transgressions. In Pay-for-Delay: An Unsettled Future Lies Ahead, FirstWord charts the current pay-for-delay landscape in the US and Europe through case studies, company profiles and branded-generic agreements. The concisely-written, 35-page report offers unique and timely insight into the cost-saving trend that highlights its present—and its regulatory future. Read More

Branded Generics—A Gateway to Emerging Markets

Published June, 2010

While the traditional developed market continues to contract under the multiple stressors of the US healthcare reforms, stringent reimbursement processes, loss of patent protection and a weakened pipeline, a new strategy has arisen in emerging markets. Branded generics—a hybrid that allows companies to use existing marketing and distribution to offer premium-priced, brand-name generics to consumers—has taken hold in E-7 countries. In Branded Generics—A Gateway to Emerging Markets, FirstWord charts the current efforts of major pharmaceutical companies to access this market. The clearly-written report, backed by industry statistics, charts and graphs, offers an expert insight who is making headway with branded generics, and how. Read More

Specialty Generics: Climbing the pharmaceutical value chain

Published June, 2010

While the US generics market grew an estimated 2.8 percent in 2009, according to experts, it was outstripped by its smaller but more vigorous sibling. In the same year, the specialty generics commodity market grew by 11 percent, and at one-fifth of the market, is valued at $5.74 billion. What is driving this emerging market’s meteoric rise? In Specialty Generics: Climbing the pharmaceutical value chain, FirstWord offers expert insight into the specialty and biosimilars market by uncovering the mergers and alliances, product licensing, therapy area correlations, approvals as well as generic company associations with commodity and specialty products. The report offers readers insight into an emerging market—and where it’s potential lies. Read More

Pharmaceutical Sales Forces: Mexico

Published June, 2010

With a pharmaceutical industry expected to hit $14.9 billion by 2014, an economy ranked 11th worldwide and a reputation as a key pharmemerging market, Mexico is attracting the leading pharmaceutical companies to its shores. In Pharmaceutical Sales Forces: Mexico, FirstWord tackles the enormous complexity of the Mexican pharma landscape to establish key trends in the still-strong traditional sales model, which companies are making the most of it and how they’re developing innovative new approaches. The timely report includes charts, statistical analysis and insight from industry experts to deliver compelling insight into the Mexican market, and how to tap into it. Read More

Trends in Mobile Medicine: Smartphone Apps for Physicians

Published May, 2010

By 2012, an estimated 80 percent of US physicians will have smartphones; 95 percent of those who already have them download medical apps such as Epocrates, Medscape and Skyscape. As the world wireless health market reaches a $9.6 billion value by 2012, FirstWord examines the use of smartphone apps and related technology in Trends in Mobile Medicine: Smartphone Apps for Physicians. The compelling report features in-depth interviews with industry experts, an overview of the technology’s potential, and a review of the top ten medical apps. Read More

Pharma 2.0--De-Risking the Business Model

Published May, 2010

The issues facing the pharmaceutical industry—weak pipelines, fewer blockbusters, increased regulatory scrutiny, saturated markets and poor public perception—are not new. But Pharma 2.0--De-Risking the Business Model, FirstWord not only lays out the issues, but investigates which leading pharmaceutical companies are tackling the problems head-on by adapting their business, evolving through collaboration and partnerships and emerging prepared to do business in the new Pharma 2.0 reality. Read More

US Healthcare Reform: Impact and Implications for the Pharmaceutical and
Biotech Industries

Published May, 2010

As the dust settles on President Obama’s hotly-contested Healthcare Reform Bill, and the law moves into implementation, pundits in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are pondering how the changes will positively and negatively affect business. In Impact of US Healthcare Reform: Impact and Implications for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries, FirstWord pulls apart the revolutionary healthcare reform package to investigate the potential for growth, the drawbacks and the challenges that still lie ahead for the industry. Read More

The Life Cycle of Drug Brands: Concept to Market Share

Published April, 2010

There is no doubt that the toughened regulatory environment, mistrustful public perception and the incursion by generics into the market are having an impact on the industry. Nowhere is that being felt more acutely than in drug brand marketing, which has had to adapt practices, become more agile and move more quickly to establish a reputable, significant voice. In The Life Cycle of Drug Brands: Concept to Market Share, FirstWord dissects the current state-of-play in marketing, reveals the strengths and weaknesses of its strategies, and in the voices of six key industry experts, outlines a game plan for the future. Read More

The State of Merck & Co

Published April, 2010

Based on concise and insightful analysis of 212 news articles for the period September 2009 to February 2010 from around the globe, FirstWord’s The State of Merck & Co delves behind the performance of the newly merged company to examine its new direction and improved position. Filled with charts, graphs and financial breakdowns, as well as concise reporting on clinical trials and new drugs developments, the 39-page report outlines how the venture with Schering-Plough will affect everything from deals to employee retention. Read More

The State of Roche

Published April, 2010

Based on concise and insightful analysis of 179 news articles from around the globe, FirstWord’s The State of Roche report delves behind year-end and early 2010 performance of pharmaceutical giant Roche to discover why 2009 ended with a whimper (and a 22 percent full-year drop in profit) despite a 21 percent increase in sales of key brands. Filled with charts, graphs and financial breakdowns, the 40-page report outlines the impact of the Genentech acquisition, the company’s smart moves away from chemical-based drug development and which drugs are expected to be the strongest performers for 2010. Read More

Creating Common Points of Reference: Expert Insight into Closed Loop Marketing

Published March, 2010

As more and more clinicians refuse to see sales reps, the pharmaceutical industry must redouble its efforts to transparently and thoughtfully engage them in a way that tailors marketing and sales to their needs, and delivers that message seamlessly and quickly. In Creating Common Points of Reference: Expert Insight into Closed Loop Marketing, FirstWord explores the use of CLM by a growing number of pharma companies. Based on unparalleled access to 13 industry experts, the report offers a guide to the thinking behind CLM—and a roadmap to implementing its strategies. Read More

Digital Healthcare: EHRs, e-prescribing and Patient Driven Applications

Published March, 2010

As healthcare costs continue to squeeze budgets for hospitals, physicians and patients alike, governments and backers are increasingly looking to the development of digital healthcare for cost-savings. In Digital Healthcare: EHRs, e-prescribing and Patient Driven Applications, FirstWord looks at the current state of electronic health record usage (EHR) in five key countries and five practice-sized settings. Based on patient and industry leader interviews, the informative 60-page report provides the scope and perspective needed to assess the risks and benefits of the emerging reliance on e-health. Read More

EU Central and Eastern European Pharma Markets – Secrets of Access
and Engagement

Published March, 2010

Despite the stabilizing effect on legislation and regulation that inclusion in the European Union has had on former Soviet bloc states, the pharmaceutical industry faces unique challenges in a region still heavily influenced by historical and cultural factors. In EU Central and Eastern European Pharma Markets – Secrets of Access and Engagement, FirstWord takes you behind the remnants of the Iron Curtain to profile nine key markets and their heterogeneous quirks ranging from erratic prescribing to varied reliance on reimbursements. The 50-page report, based on interviews with key market participants, includes complete summaries, case studies, sections on intellectual property, distribution and market access as well as an outline of the three key problems facing the region—and how to approach them. Read More

Leading Thoughts on Pharma and Social Media

Published March, 2010

Hundreds of millions of people are on Facebook, blogs and Twitter every day, yet the pharmaceutical industry has been slow to fully grasp the opportunities social media presents in terms of stakeholder engagement and marketing. In Leading Thoughts on Pharma and Social Media, FirstWord compiles the actual Tweets, blog posts and discussion threads of nine leading social media and pharmaceutical industry commentators to discover not just what they’re saying, but how they’re saying it. The 72-page report includes complete profiles, statistical analysis of each commentator’s activity and coverage of the key themes they elucidate upon. Read More

Engaging with Physicians in an Era of Transparency

Published March, 2010

Triggered by the widespread collapse of public trust for protections governing conflict-of-interest, tough new legislation at US state and federal levels is ushering in a new era of transparency in pharma-physician engagement that will be worldwide in its impact. Engaging with Physicians in an Era of Transparency -- FirstWord’s first report in a new series -- explores the drive for heightened transparency legislation, which stakeholders it’s most affecting and to what degree. The report features interviews with key opinion leaders throughout the industry and includes an examination of which companies are handling the new era—and how. Read More

The AstraZeneca Intelligence Dossier

Published March, 2010

Based on concise and insightful analysis of 221 news articles from around the globe, FirstWord’s The AstraZeneca Intelligence Dossier delves behind the Q3, Q4 performance of pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca to discover why 2009 unfolded as it did — and what the company is doing to revive its fortunes in 2010. Filled with charts, graphs and financial breakdowns, the report outlines the impact generics, lawsuits and competition have had on the company, and reviews the innovative strategies, collaborations and expanded pipeline developments it’s undertaking to move forward into 2010. Read More

The Johnson & Johnson Intelligence Dossier

Published March, 2010

From a compelling examination of the company’s ongoing regulatory and legal issues to the latest news and updates on its performance in the last quarters of 2009 and January 2010, The Johnson & Johnson Intelligence Dossier gathers critical information into one concise and accurate report. Based on 181 news articles, sentiment analysis, financial reports and statistics, the report examines the corporate restructuring and other strategies undertaken by Johnson & Johnson to stay relevant and competitive. Containing comparative chart and narrative descriptions, FirstWord’s latest dossier offers a bird’s eye view of where Johnson & Johnson has been—and where it’s headed. Read More

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Intelligence Dossier

Published March, 2010

Fuelled by groundswell changes in the pharmaceutical industry caused by generics, Bristol-Myers Squibb has regrouped and refinanced, to allow the multinational drugmaker to focus more narrowly in biopharmaceuticals and acquisitions. FirstWord’s new report, The Bristol-Myers Squibb Intelligence Dossier offers 52-pages of concise, accurate reporting on everything from the company’s pipeline and clinical trial results to its late 2009 performance and how emerging new HIV drugs may affect its bottom line in 2010. Containing charts and details news sentiment analysis, the report offers a roadmap to BMS’ future. Read More

The Eli Lilly Intelligence Dossier

Published March, 2010

Having posted massive losses of $3.6 billion to the purchase of ImClone Systems in 2008, Eli Lilly has rebounded, reporting a $915 profit in the fourth quarter of 2009 and total revenue for the quarter at $5.9 billion—an increase of 14 per cent. Where will Eli Lilly go from there? The Eli Lilly Intelligence Dossier answers that question with reviews of the company’s financial, corporate and regulatory outlook. Based on 179 news reports covering everything from Eli Lilly’s bold announcement that it will have 10 compounds in late stage development by 2011 to negative news surrounding generics, the 47-page report informs and enlightens anyone who needs the most current information to stay competitive. Read More

Branded vs Generic in Latin America

Published February, 2010

From a concise historical overview of how the current pro-generic market was established in Latin America to the region’s aggressive industrial policies Branded vs Generic Drugs in Latin America analyzes the current market place across the board. Based on industry reports, reviews and statistics, the report examines the marketing and development strategies undertaken by both generics and original manufacturers to stay relevant in the region. Containing definitions, tables of industry-sensitive sale and prices information, and an “Outlook” section defining prospects for the future, FirstWord’s latest dossier arms the industry with a map to the way forward. Read More

Mapping the e-Pharma Landscape – who’s doing what in pharma social media

Published February, 2010

In examining the breadth of e-pharma and social media, this study taps into a growing and evolving marketing and communications opportunity, offering charts and tables, in-depth articles on the FDA’s social media hearing and the implications of SideWiki for the industry, as well as compelling case studies of companies like AstraZeneca, Boehringer-Ingelheim and others who are establishing a foothold in this new territory. Read More

Reaching the Empowered Patient – Opportunities and Challenges in DTC Marketing

Published February, 2010

Offers a snapshot of the current DTCA market in the US and Europe, with overviews of the successes and failures of the main players, including Pfizer, GSK, Sanofi-aventis, Eli Lilly and Roche and looks at promising DTCA strategies, challenges and options, with focus on opportunities and concerns surrounding emerging communications platforms, such as the internet, social media, web advertising, direct email marketing and YouTube. Read More

The CME Landscape – Change and Challenges

Published February, 2010

From think tank findings urging a ban on privately-sponsored CME within five years to new funding models innovated by the CME community, The CME Landscape: Change and Challenges analyses the debate from every angle. Based on intimate access to reports from industry insiders and solid analysis, the report examines how financial collaboration between Big Pharma and continuing medical education providers has become a powerful and growing industry that has caught the attention of regulators and observers. The report offers an overview of the CME industry in the United States and Europe, the pharmaceutical industry’s response to criticism and, most importantly, a clear vision of future financing models. Read More

KOL Management — The New Rules

Published January, 2010

An insightful report reviews how KOL interaction is currently conducted — often by several departments within one organisation — its impact and its future. By examining how some innovators have retooled their KOL management practices, the report offers a full guideline on best practices, initiation strategies and perhaps most importantly, an insight into how KOL programs can help develop new products, improve market penetration and increase competitive advantage. Read More

Healthcare Stakeholders in Latin America — Secrets of Engagement

Published December, 2009

Based on extensive personal interviews with industry leaders, FirstWord’s insightful new dossier — Healthcare Stakeholders in Latin America — Secrets of Engagement — explores new vistas opening up for the industry in Latin America, how the sales environment is changing and what marketing groups are doing to adapt. From the increased use of the internet by physicians and patients, to competitive strategies to counter Government-endorsed generics, the report lays bare the Latin American’s pharmaceutical experience, offering ‘six secrets of engagement’ into how key players are operating, which new marketing strategies are working — and which are not. Read More

Biobetters — Major Players and Market Prospects

Published December, 2009

FirstWord’s penetrating dossier — Biobetters — Major Players and Market Prospects — offers detailed analysis of biobetter strategies by innovator companies, including new technologies, formulations and manufacturing methods. Based on interviews with key industry thinkers and analysis of key biologic drug markets like monoclonal antibodies and glycoproteins, the report provides critical insight not only into why the industry must move forward — but where it is headed. Read More

The Value of a Good Reputation in Pharma

Published November, 2009

FirstWord’s report The Value of a Good Reputation in Pharma examines issues that no pharma company can afford to ignore. An era of transparency brings greater reputational risks: more than 200 whistleblower cases to be heard in US; regulatory and reputational pitfalls in social media; a stronger consumer voice wanting lower prices. This report examines the reputational landscape and how companies compare from an ethical perspective. Read More

The Novartis Intelligence Dossier

Published November, 2009

FirstWord’s report The Novartis Intelligence Dossier gauges Novartis’ corporate, R&D, financial and international profile by analysing the sentiment produced from more than 160 Q3 news articles and reports dealing with every aspect of the company’s business, from the top down. From outrage over executives’ pay and benefits package to one of the most promising R&D portfolios in the industry. Read More

Conference Intelligence Dossier - 2009 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting

Published November, 2009

In Conference Intelligence Dossier: ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting 2009, FirstWord gives you detailed reporting of all the major presentations, research papers and drug posters from leading scientists at the conference, covering a vast range of breakthroughs in research and treatment, including updates on the SWEFOT rheumatoid arthritis trial, the FREEDOM osteoporosis trial and other headline-making studies. Read More

The GSK Intelligence Dossier

Published November, 2009

In The GSK Intelligence Dossier, FirstWord charts GSK’s current and future health by examining the news events behind 365 second and third quarter headlines, covering everything from GSK’s strategic acquisitions and drug pipeline to its dramatic profits in emerging markets. Read More

Pharma & Social Media -- Report Collection

Published August-October, 2009

From physicians and patients to pharma sales and researchers, the pharmaceutical industry is caught up in the social media whirl. Whether it’s a strategy to tap into unbranded patient networks or the use of Twitter and Facebook to access closed-door physicians, all levels of the industry are actively exploring ways to leverage social media for a strategic and competitive edge. FirstWord’s series of three reports provides must-know information on these emergent means of engagement. Read More

The Roche Intelligence Dossier

Published November, 2009

Strength in the face of adversity, or a slow recovery from industry-wide declines and increased competition? In the second of a series — The Roche Intelligence Dossier — FirstWord analyses the news behind the headlines by examining 125 articles on Roche, assessing the company’s portrayal and revealing the story behind market perceptions to give you inside knowledge of where the company’s been — and where it’s headed. Read More

The Pfizer Intelligence Dossier

Published October, 2009

The first in a series of new Company Intelligence Dossiers provides an overview of Q3 developments in the Pfizer universe, including a detailed snapshot of its position from a financial, corporate, international and R&D point of view. The report analyses 110 articles published in the media about Pfizer in the third quarter, by topic and impact – positive, neutral or negative -- on brand perception as well as what underlies those views, to keep you updated on the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Read More

Conference Intelligence Dossier - EASD 2009 Annual Meeting, Vienna

Published October, 2009

Over 90 pages, FirstWord’s conference dossier gathers the relevant information, from analyses of headlining abstracts delivered by world-renowned researchers to insightful interviews with key industry voices. The dossier provides an accurate, concise overview of all aspects of the conference, including posters, biographies, and research highlights focused on diabetes and obesity pathogenesis. In addition, the report includes a unique counterpoint segment on the conference’s social media activities, which outlines ways in which healthcare professionals and diabetes specialists might use new technology to engage in transparent, reciprocal, and relevant communication. Read More

Conference Intelligence Dossier - ECCO 15 and 34th ESMO Congress, Berlin

Published October, 2009

Frontline breakthroughs in oncology research … the latest from prolific opinion leaders … and up-to-the-minute information on new pharmaceutical developments and trials.

FirstWord has it all in our wide-ranging coverage of the ECCO 15 – ESMO 34 multidisciplinary congress held from September 20 to 24, in Berlin, Germany.

One of the largest of its kind in Europe, the international oncology conference heard from close to 2,000 presenters on everything from Newcastle University’s findings on aspirin as prevention for colon cancer and the results of the Xeloxa study from Roche, to the impact of Herceptin on HER2-positive gastric patients.

In Conference Intelligence Dossier: ECCO 15 - ESMO 34 Congress, 2009, FirstWord reports on all the key conference findings and presentations delivered by some of the most notable researchers and opinion-leaders in every facet of oncology from research and prevention to treatment, nursing and supportive care. In addition, the report examines the key benefits of using social media to capture critical issues – and the attention of health care professionals.

Whether you need results from the Vecibix study, analysis on the Phase III ToGA study or preliminary results of Pfizer’s sunitinib trials, the report offers concise, accessible overviews ordered according to field, as well as a pointed analysis of the use and impact of social media to access health care professionals and improve the quality of engagement. In addition, the report conveniently summarizes key trial results and posters. Read More

Pharma Sales Forces: Change in the Face of Adversity

Published October, 2009

An incisive, powerful overview of the industry’s issues and concerns surrounding its sales operations. This report examines current physician needs, attitudes towards reps and the rise of online research, reviews new models and innovative approaches using e-technology and, most critically, assesses their potential for success. Includes critical insight into the most effective approaches and offers a synopsis of the future of the industry’s changing relationship with customers. Read More

Pharma, Patients and Social Media: Engaging the Empowered Consumer

Published October, 2009

FirstWord's latest report on pharma and social media analyses the issues critical to successfully accessing social media: How patient networks provide a powerful bond amongst the diagnosed, the problems faced by companies implementing branded patient networks, the limitless marketing, knowledge, and development opportunities for those who successfully tap into unbranded networks, and, perhaps most importantly, best practices for doing so. Read More

Conference Intelligence Dossier: ESC 2009 Congress, Barcelona

Published September, 2009

FirstWord's analysts present the most significant outcomes and insights from this major cardiology meeting, highlighting key presentations, posters, and augmented with background information on the drugs and thought leaders prominent at conference. Read More

Pharma, Physicians and Social Media: Engaging Opportunities and Challenges

Published September, 2009

The latest in FirstWord's best selling Pharma and Social Media series, this report examines how physicians and other HCPs are currently using social networks and investigates what pharma companies are doing in this space, analyzing the benefits and challenges facing those who actively engage this community. Read More

Pharma Corporate Venture Capital (CVC): Key Players, New Conditions and Big Opportunities

Published September, 2009

This could be a very good time for pharma CVCs. A shortage of investment funds and a shift in the investment profile of independent VCs means that pharma CVCs could occupy an important space in the funding of the drug discovery and biotechnology sectors.

This new study looks at the latest developments in the market; which pharma companies have CVC arms; the value of their portfolios, and their investment strategies. Read More

BMS & Medarex: a valuable partnership?

Published August, 2009

In July 2009, Bristol-Myers Squibb announced that it would acquire biopharmaceutical company Medarex for US$2.4 billion. Whilst the deal is seen as a positive, if expensive, move, it is unlikely that it will be the savior of Bristol-Myers Squibb, and the industry continues to speculate that the drugmaker remains a target for takeover. This report provides a concise review of the deal, and answers key questions it raises about Bristol-Myers Squibb and its prospects moving forward. Read More

Roche & Genentech: a model for future biotech deals?

Published August, 2009

Roche’s US$46.8 billion deal to acquire Genentech may be the catalyst for big pharma to ramp-up its plans to control innovative biopharmaceutical companies. So who’s next? This study looks at the Roche/Genentech deal in the context of broader market trends, and examines other biotech companies seen as ripe for acquisition, and those that are not. Read More

Merck & Schering-Plough: a marriage of convenience?

Published August, 2009

Is this a strategically worked out merger of mutual benefit, or a marriage of convenience between two troubled giants? To fully understand the corporate impact, you need to read this 52-page briefing report. This topical report provides invaluable analysis of the deal, putting it in the context of operational issues, current products and pipeline development. Read More

Pharma and Social Media: The Leaders and Followers

Published August, 2009

This best selling report reviews the current social media activity of 50 leading companies for each of the major networks: Twitter; YouTube; Brand-sponsored discussion groups and Facebook. Using case study sites to illustrate the differing approaches, the report is particularly informed by the original views and insights of leading commentators in the field. Read More

ASCO 2009: Significant Developments in Context

Published August, 2009

In over 175 pages, the report presents selected information from ASCO 2009 in an easy-to-use digest of the significant announcements from the conference. FirstWord’s team of experienced medical reporters were on-hand to critically review and report the latest developments and thinking and this information, augmented by pre- and post-conference data released by developers, has been distilled in the report. Read More

Johnson & Johnson: Pharma Growth Strategy

Published July, 2009

Johnson & Johnson’s acquisition of Cougar Biotechnology and issues surrounding the Schering Plough/Merck & Co deal, are critical developments that must be seen in the broader context of J&J’s long-term ambitions for its pharmaceutical business. This executive briefing is essential reading for everyone who must stay in touch with these developments, and who need to know how they are shaping the corporate landscape. Read More